The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow (RadioBall #11)

CDR: 2000, Iddy Biddy, 17 tracks Technically, this is not really a RadioBall, but seeing as Rikki and I both play on it and (mostly) produced it, we think we should get to count it as one if we want. It’s a whole bunch of marvelousness from that other band, comprised largely of outtakes from previous albums (including 9 Chandler songs), plus a handful of things that have appeared previously on compilations. ****BITCHIN'!


by Men who Plan beyond Tomorrow Rikki Bates - drums Aaron Spade - guitar, vocals, clarinet Johnny Spampinato - guitar, vocals, horns Chandler Travis - bass, vocals, guitar and/or: Al Anderson - guitar, #7 David Birmingham - drums, #3 & 14 Jay Cournoyer - drums, #5 Cliff Letsche - bass, #5 F. Clarke Martty - drums, #9, 10, & 15 Jim Wilgoose - string bass, #11 Steve Wood - guitar, #5 Produced by Chandler Travis with Rikki Bates, Aaron Spade, & Chris Blood Mastered by Rikki Bates Art by Rachel Jarvis all songs published by Farfy, BMI, except #9, 11, 16, & 17 by Farfy Music/Modern Variety Music, administered by Bug Music, BMI; #14 & 15, Pet A Roma/Modern Variety, BMI; #10, Pet A Roma, BMI; or otherwise as noted. Special thanks to Ruth Blood, the only woman in America who lets us play at our house regularly; The Wellfleet Beachcomber (our only club); & to all our friends and family on Cape Cod (our only peninsula).